Strong Hold makes the most rugged, battle ship grade, storage cabinet solutions available. Made from 12-gauge steel, the Strong Hold cabinets are formed, welded, steam-cleaned, and painted to produce a very strong and dependable cabinet. Strong Hold products are designed to withstand years of industrial abuse and tough treatment. All Strong Hold products are proudly Made in America.

The Strong Hold Difference

  • Wrap around design, one piece body, 12-guge steel
  • Two doors per cabinet, 1 inch return flange, 200 degree door swing, interlocking left had door
  • Legs are 3/16 inch steel with 6 inches of sweep space
  • Adjustable shelves, 14-gauge steel, attached with 3/8 inch bolts
  • Three-point locking device
  • Flush bottoms, 12-gauge steel
  • Cast Aluminum-Bronze alloy handle, padlock tang, 3/8 inch angle receiver
  • Hinge Leaf made of 8-gauge steel

All of these qualities and more add up to make "The Strong Hold Difference"!

StrongHold Product Catalog (2.9Mb)

StrongHold Catalog