Welcome into our shop.

When we started our company in 2005, our shop was your typical motor head shop with a lot of hand me downs, way too many piles of junk, and always too much work going on. Our work included full frame up restorations that involved engine work, body work, painting, etc. It was your typical hard core home based restoration shop.

Our shop was destined for a major upgrade so in April of 2007 my good friend Butch showed up the day before we were leaving on our 25th anniversary vacation, to dig a foundation and get the project underway. My goals were simple: 1) Upgrade the workshop to the 21st century and make it more efficient for the space we had and the type of work we like to do in there, 2) Add a new office for us to run our business out of, and 3) Make it an enjoyable place to hang out to swill a few beers and smoke a few good cigars. Mission accomplished.

Before: The shop was a 24’ x 32’ building with a cathedral ceiling and it was carved up to have two car bays, one with a lift, and a bay for the workshop area. Our office was located in a spare room in the house, which was only big enough for one person at a time to be working on business things. Typical of 15 year old shops, it was a collection of everything in every corner; your basic junk shop.



During: We added a 12’ x 22’ office addition and remodeled the existing garage/workshop area. Trying to work on restorations (71 Corvette and the Raven) as well as engine work on our Wild Child drag car was a challenge to say the least. Once we built the basic office structure we unloaded the garage and workshop into the new office space to allow us to remodel the garage area. Once the garage was remodeled, we completed the office space.



After: We finally moved into the new office in late February 2008 and it took about a month to settle things down. We still had to install some more LISTA cabinets and then spend the time to get organized, put up our pictures, model cars, and of course get the stereo up and working. We installed 4 speakers in the shop and another 4 in the office and are driving it all through some great vintage stereo equipment with our iPod as the music source. All of the cabinets are LISTA of course with many of them coming from our Junk Yard Specials. Yes, we like good deals too. The lighting is long fluorescent's in the garage area and sunken light cans in the office. We also installed under cabinet lighting in both areas to make the work spaces nice and bright.



We now have a remodeled workshop and a new office area that will allow us to more efficiently run our company, and to better serve our customers. The shop and office is also our product display and work space solution center. It's actually very, very nice working out here; everything works so well.

If you are in the area, drop by to pay us a visit. We would enjoy your company.