This video is of the Rankin Ford race team mixing the nitro methane for the Wild Child in 1966. Unfortunately the clip does not show the car racing but their mixology sure looks dangerous.

This video is of the Wild Child at St. Thomas Dragway in 1966.  Talk about getting rubber in all four gears. Ev Rowse is driving the car.

This is a video of the Wild Child taken in July 2006 while running at Indy Raceway Park.  We were in town of the Falcon Club or America national meet and took it out ot the track to put on a few exhibition runs.  All was fine at this point .......

. . . . Oops!  That is all I can say about this next video.  Ev Rowse, the original driver of the Wild Child took a pass and true to his old race form, he blew up the motor in the Wild Child.  It was not really his fault, but it is always nice to blame someone else.

This is from 2008 when we took the car up to Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Canada.  The car was all back together and we ran three break in runs with a best of 10.6 seconds.

Due to the historical significance of the Wild Child and the preservation of that history, we have decided to retire the Wild Child from active racing.  Blowing up engines and smacking into walls is not a risk we want to take at this time.

We still take the car to select events, care for it very well, and always keep it well fired up.

Here is a video of the Wild Child from the DeSantis Chevrolet / East Coast Camaro Club car show in Brockton, MA in September 2010.  We were loading up at the end of the day.


Please feel free to contact me for further information on the Wild Child.

Joe Germann